Salesforce Developer Training

This training aims to coach general software engineering skills for Salesforce developers so they can deal with large solutions in the long run.

The Issue it solves

Salesforce platform is a sizable business investment. However, many solutions deteriorate after the first several years.

New features take too long to publish, bugs appear here and there. This issue is actively discussed on LinkedIn: video1, video2

It won't fix the problem by throwing more developers or testers. On the contrary, a small dev team with the right software engineering skills can manage large solutions.


This training aims to coach the essential software engineering skills for your development team.

The training is one or two days, and include subjects like:

  • Clean code concept
  • Object Oriented mindset
  • Separation of concerns concept
  • Unit testing practice and tooling
  • Refactoring code
  • Salesforce modularization
  • Salesforce DevOps

After the training the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to structure the code
  • Understand and use clean code concept in work
  • Create Object Oriented code in Apex
  • Know what is unit testing and how it helps code refactoring
  • Know cutting-edge Salesforce 2nd gen package and modularization
  • Modern DevOps tools in Salesforce


This training requires active participation in discussions and frequent small hands-on Apex programming exercises.

This training can be customized according the your dev team skill level. Follow up and feedback sessions after the training are also highly recommended

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Thanks for your time!