Build a Cli to learn Rust (1)

I have spent over one month to study Rust, mostly read the rust book, listen to podcast, and practice rustling. Unlike all other languages I have tried, Rust is one of its kind and difficult to pick up.

Instead of continuing the happy path, I decide to build a toy Cli to see how much I can use Rust now.

the Cli requirement

I use Tmux to work on projects under ~/projects. Each of the projects are practically "folders".

I wish to have a Cli tool to

  1. initiate easily a corresponding Tmux session for each project
  2. jump between these sessions effortlessly.

I named this tool "finter", and its MVP works like this:

Run "finter" in the console:

  • it will list all folders in "~/projects"
  • it allows a single-selection
  • it allows fuzzy search
  • it creates a new or go to the existing session once a single-selection is made

an existing tool

tmux-sessionizer is a similar tool but with features more than I need. Therefore, I plan to build my own and study tmux-sessionizer code.

My first Rust app journey starts here!